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Christmas in Chicago - The Fine Print Theatre - 2011
"Whenever there is a show such as Christmas in Chicago, I am on the lookout for authenticity and some real belly laughs. Fine Print Theatre Company does not disappoint on any level. The cast is top notch and the show is seamlessly directed by Aaron Graham."
- K.D. Hopkins, Chicago Theatre Beat

"Several sketches in the Fine Print Theatre Company's yuletide year-in-review revue do an excellent job of capturing the zeitgeist. ... The four-person cast is likable and polished."
- Zac Thompson, Chicago Reader

"Christmas in Chicago is a review for music loving news junkies. The play has a show-within-a-show setting ... The song numbers are the strongest part of the show, parodying known Christmas carols with well-written lyrics to suit the headlines of 2011."
- Oona O'Leary, Centerstage Chicago

Macbeth - First Folio Theatre - 2009
"Aaron Graham's Malcolm, E. B. Smith's Macduff and Patrick Clear's Duncan offered fine performances."
- Tom Williams, ChicagoCritic.com

"[Director Nick] Sandys' approach to the story keeps the action moving at a smart pace and reveals nuances that are sometimes glossed over in flashier versions. It raises a shiver and provides some truly provocative moments amid the dark suburban woods."
- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

Baby - Metropolis Performing Arts Centre - 2009
"As Nick and Pam, the couple who truly wants what they can't have, Aaron Graham and Leslie Ann Sheppard have more couple chemistry than the others and really capture these characters."
- Alan Bresloff, Steadstyle Chicago

The Comedy of Errors - Riverside Theatre (Iowa) - 2008
"Martin Andrews and Aaron Graham turn in wonderful performances as the two servants Dromio. Equally at ease with the verbal and physical comedy their roles require, the two actors share mannerisms with such success that it is surprisingly easy to confuse them for one another as the play progresses."
- Rob Cline, CorridorBuzz.com

The Winter's Tale - Riverside Theatre (Iowa) - 2008
"[The performers were] forced to hastily relocate the play earlier this month after the City Park stage was inundated by floodwaters. But apart from the play being performed indoors, audiences would be hard-pressed to find any outward sign of the upheaval as the actors seemed to be right at home."
- Loren Keller, CorridorBuzz.com

Visiting Mr. Green - Attic Playhouse - 2007
"Aaron Graham, as Ross, exudes sincerity as the neat-freak yuppie. Graham smoothly commands the stage and plays off [Marvin] Berman nicely to give the show a wholesome reality ... beautifully actedy ... a heartwarming show."
- Tom Williams, ChicagoCritic.com

Ragtime - Porchlight Music Theatre - 2007
Joseph Jefferson Award: Actor in a Supporting Role - Musical

"Aaron Graham's immigrant Tateh is a determined, full-bodied maestro performance."
- Brian Kirst, Chicago Free Press

"The immigrant Tateh, a Latvian Jew, is played by Aaron Graham with a convincing accent that never falls into ethnic stereotype. He balances Tateh's fear, determination and resourcefulness and gives the character a winning sense of humor. [Charissa] Armon and Graham have been doing impressive work on off-Loop stages for a number of years and they have really blossomed into mature performers here." The review (link).
- John Olson, Talkin' Broadway

"A dead ringer for a young Mandy Patinkin."
- Joe Stead, Steadstyle Chicago

"This is a soaring, tremendously vivid production that could easily knock the socks off any Broadway competitor in the Loop. And the large cast, using its double-threat acting and vocal talents, brings and authenticity and radiance to every engrossing minute." The extension review (pdf).
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"This show features an uncommonly talented cast. ... This piece brims with such communal heart that all the right emotional keys are tinkled." The original review (pdf). The extension review (pdf).
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune

"Highly Recommended. When the voices of the 21-person cast soar -- and you rarely will hear a more gorgeous sound -- they hold you spellbound. So do the actors' precision-tooled characterizations. This Ragtime ... is sensational on every count." The original review (pdf).
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"Highly Recommended. This revival moves in every way... The performances persuade, the dancing is period perfect, and the casting is unimprovable."
- Lawrence Bommer, Chicago Reader

Fiorello! - TimeLine Theatre Company - 2006
Nominated for 10 Jeff Citations including Best Production and Best Ensemble

"Highly recommended. Director Nick Bowling ... has assembled one of those stellar Chicago companies that mixes veterans and newcomers. All 16 actors burst with talent and vocal prowess."
- Hedy Weiss, Chicago Sun-Times

"Packed with marvelous musical-theater performers, the cast puts as much energy into the characters as the songs."
- Chicago Reader

"The impressive cast includes an especially robust male chorus whose 'Politics and Poker,' 'The Bum Won' and 'Little Tin Box' make for some of the show's most entertaining moments."
- Daily Herald

Warfield, USA! - New York Fringe Festival - 2005
"There are plenty of capable and exciting performers here, including ... Aaron Graham's often affecting portrayal as Gunner. And there are several truly inspired songs and moments."
- NYTheatre.com

"Collaboratively written, composed, and performed by the Chicago-based theatre company Jazz Hands Across America ... In the fashion of Urinetown, the satirical political story is presented in the form of a musical and simultaneously parodies Broadway conventions, thereby doubling the fun. It's laugh after laugh on top of laugh ... All the actors are top notch."
- Backstage.com

Falsettos - Porchlight Music Theatre - 2005
"The show works most satisfyingly when center stage is taken by Aaron Graham's Mendel. In his zip and comic topspin he is nearly up to Broadway level." The review (pdf).
- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

"A superb portrayal, almost steals the show."
- Daily Southtown

"Mendel, sung and danced deftly by the charismatic Aaron Graham, belted through numbers like 'A Marriage Proposal.'"
- ChicagoCritic.com

"Marvin's ex wife (Holly Stauder) is ... helped along by the psychiatrist Mendel (Aaron Graham, livening up every scene he's in with his limber comic timing)."
- Windy City Times

"[Director Steve] Scott and his cast have done some subtle but effective rethinkings of the characters ... Aaron Graham's psychiatrist Mendel is way out of goofy Chip Zien territory - a tougher, more self-absorbed guy, especially in act one ... [PorchlightÂ’s Finn Festival is] a showcase of the developing talents of Â… young performers like Joe Schenck, Jon Runnfeldt, Holly Stauder and Aaron Graham, who we've been able to track for several years now in the Chicago scene."
- John Olson, Talkin' Broadway

Anyone Can Whistle - Pegasus Players - 2004
"Among the solid cast ... Aaron Graham as Comptroller Schub had the comic timing of a pro and a top-notch voice to boot."
- The Sondheim Review

"Aaron Graham's Comptroller Schub is a nicely etched, nearly vaudevillian turn that satisfies throughout."
- Gay Chicago Magazine

Sunday in the Park with George - Pegasus Players - 2002
Jeff Citation: Best Production of a Musical

"The supporting cast delivers sharp characterizations and strong vocal performances, including a standout comic performance from Aaron Graham as Franz and 'Mr.'"
- The Sondheim Review

"The more polished performers include ... Aaron Graham and Gail Becker in multiple roles (including two libidinous servants and boorish American tourists)."
- Lucia Mauro, theatre critic

Tom Lehrer's Tomfoolery - Open Eye Productions - 2001
Jeff Recommended

"A cast of four fine singers and three musicians whisk through an hour's worth of Lehrer's material ... Lehrer shows his science-geek roots in 'The Elements,' which showcases Graham's nimble phrasing."
- Chicago Free Press

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